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What is included in the Friendly Price?
How many Buses do you have?
Use of the Bus, Driver, Conductor. For Weddings we also include Ribbons & Flowers on the front and inside the bus, we also provide a "Wedding Special" Destination Blind as Standard. Personalised Blinds can be provided on request for that special touch, cost are around £30.00. For further details please let us know at the time of booking.
We currently have four classic Routemaster Buses. Two covered, One Open Top and One Front Entrance. We maybe able to provide more Routemaster Buses if required. Other types of Buses and Coaches are also available.

Where do you operate?
Can we drink alcohol and eat on the bus?
We are happy to quote for events all over the South East of England, including Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and London.
The consumption of alcohol or food aboard the Bus may only take place if agreed in advance. We may impose restrictions in respect of the type of beverages and food items carried for consumption. Glass receptacles may NOT be used at anytime.

Smoking on the Bus?
Wheelchair & Pushchair access?
We DO NOT allow smoking on the bus at anytime.
Unfortunately there is No Wheelchair access on our buses, wheelchair users maybe able to travel providing that assistance is available to help them on and off the bus. Sitting in a wheelchair or pushchair on the bus is prohibited. One or two pushchair's or wheelchairs may be folded and stored in the luggage area. please tell us your special requirements at the time of booking and we will do our best to help.

Are Children allowed to travel?
What about Bad Weather?
Children are allowed to travel but must remain seated and supervised by an adult at all times. The hirer will be responsible in ensuring this.
Should you hire our Open Top Routemaster and on your special day we are experiencing bad weather, we will try to provide a covered Routemaster. Should this not be possible we will provide a suitable vehicle for your journey.

What if the Bus breaks down?
Does the bus have a P A System or CD Player/Radio?
Our Routemasters are meticulously maintained by our qualified workshop staff, but in the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will endeavor to provide a replacement bus as soon as possible.
Our Open Top Routemaster is fitted with a P.A system with a CD player/radio and iPod attachment. Unfortunately our Closed Top Routemaster is not fitted with any audio equipment, however you may bring a portable battery operated CD Player/Radio. All Equipment maybe used providing it DOES NOT cause a distraction to the Driver.
The Conductor will have the final say

Are Animals allowed to Travel?
Alternative Vehicles
No animals, with the exception of Guide or Hearing Dogs.
If you have a return journey after dark (cold evenings!) we suggest you may consider a more modern, faster vehicle. This can normally be arranged at no extra cost. We will be happy to discuss this with you at the time of booking.

Price Guide
Points to Remember
Each hire is individually priced, depending on the length of time and distance involved. To secure your booking you will be required to pay a small Non Refundable Deposit.
Please consider the size of bus when booking - limited access (narrow lanes, small gateways, and over hanging trees!)

For an additional cost we can provide a fully qualified London Blue Badge Tour Guide.


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